We are here talking about Class 3 Digital Signature which is most secured DSC for online documentation and transaction procedure. An individual or organization who is seeking to file –Tender for any government or public sector project, must verify their identity by obtaining class 3 digital signature certificate.

It is not only a digitalized form of the handwritten signature but it is also a secured data comprised with confidential information of the authorized user. This feature is crucial when user forgot personal key or applicant is not present to use the sign, it will help in restoring the encrypted message and documents in that situation. It has been certified by the Capricorn CA which is a leading Certifying authority in India for applying and issuing DSC. The charges of DSC are also nominal. So here you will get 24×7 technical assistance in case of emergency, getting the issue in using DSC and many more issues related to it. On the other hand, Class 3 B Digital Signature is allotted to firms, company or organizations. A single user who wants e-filing of the tender will need Class 3 A Digital Signature. The certifying authority issues the Class 3 DSC only after the applicant documents and identity is verified by their database and system. The organization or firms that are applying for e-tendering must obtain Class 3 DSC if they want to participate in the e-tendering process. Issuance of Class 3 Signature is not easy as compared to Class 2 DSC. The organization provides all category of digital signature certificate. Our organization is capable to create more than 100 DSC per day on the basis of different user’s requirements and we are doing this service for more than 5 years. One can apply DSC online by browsing the eSolutions Website and get DSC within 15 minutes of documents approval.

This signature cannot be doctored or copied any uncertified user. When you sign any document what does it mean? It means that you have acknowledged the document and whether the documents belong to you or you agree with the terms of conditions of the documents. Due to its highly secured advantages, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is used for trademark e-filing, e-Tendering, e-ticketing, E-provident Fund Claim application and many more. The government of India and the Ministry of Corporate Affair has made the use of DSC compulsory while filing the tender online which gives this process authentication of a user participating in this. If you want Class 3 Digital Signature for E-Tendering, E-procurement or E-ticketing or any other online document processing and transaction, you need you to contact Digital Signature mart. A Digital Signature Certificate confirms the identity of the applicant submitting the documents via the internet which the applicant cannot deny. This DSC is extremely secured certificate issued by the Registering Authority (RA) or Certifying Authority (CA). No person can steal or forge the encrypted in the DSC, because it is protected with a highly secure public key or password. A Digital Signature has the validity from 1 to 3 years and it can be renewed in after the validity expires.

There are basically 3 categories of Digital Signature Certificates and they are Class-1, Class-2 & Class-3 and every DSC has distinct security features and usage. In all categories, any individual or organization can buy the digital signature. Individual users can buy aadhaar based paperless digital signature also.

Moreover, this highly secured DSC confirms the protection of data processed online. Class 3 DSC is available in two types Class 3A and Class 3B. Additionally, the applicant must proves his / her presence by recording a 20-25 seconds video recording to ensure that DSC holder is a live person and authorizing us to issue dsc.

Class 3 Digital Signature has also crafted with the feature of used credential back-up. This is an authorized DSC dealer in Delhi NCR and across India.