How Aadhar Based Paperless Digital Signature is issued?

The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) has recently introduced Aadhar based Paperless Digital Signature Certificate with its new guidelines. This new form of digital signature is making news with its user-friendly features and people are keen to know about the process of obtain it. Hence, we decided to give detailed information about the Aadhar based Paperless Digital Signature through this blog. To know more, continue reading.

IMG_20150716_145407The CCA has taken an initiative towards making digital signature issuance process more easy and transparent by introducing Aadhar based Paperless digital signature certificate. An applicant can obtain this new form of digital signature certificate by just verifying his/her identity through the Aadhar Number. In addition, the Registering Authority (RA) first enter the Aadhar Number of the applicant in the official digital signature link of Certifying Authority (CA) and then verify it by taking the finger print of the applicant on a biometric device.

If the Aadhar Number and Finger Print of the applicant matches with the UIDAI database, the applicant’s complete information including the Name, Photo, Contact Address, Mobile Number and e-Mail Id, is directly sent to the CA. Afterwards, the CA would be able to issue the Aadhar Based Paperless Digital Signature Certificate. The entire process is very easy and hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes in verifying the applicant’s identity and making application of the digital signature certificate.

Moreover, this facility has come as dream come true for the applicants residing in remote areas. They send paper based documents via courier to the Registering Authority (RA) in order to verify their identity. After receiving the documents, RA reviews the application and then apply for paper based digital signature certificate. The entire process takes so much time and money. However, the applicants’ identity verification and digital signature application can be done on the same day.

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