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VIBGYOR DSC SOLUTIONS is a proud business associate of SIFY Safe Scripts . VIBGYOR DSC SOLUTIONS is constantly driven to offer nothing but the best quality products to meet needs of our customers.
Mobile & Video Verification Procedure in case of DSC with documents

Mobile verification is required in Class 2, DGFT and Class 3 DSC, while video verification is mandatory in Class 3 DSC as of now. For Video verification, applicant has to visit our office herself/himself.

When we infrom you, the applicant has to do Mobile verification from her/his mentioned mobile number in the application form. The Applicant has to provide correct details as filled by her/him in the application form. If wrong details provided during call verification process, your DSC will be rejected and you have to submit documents and payment again. So it is suggested to you to keep a copy of application form in front of you while doing this process.

Sify Safescrypt

Option 1 - Voice: Call Sify Toll free verification number 1800 419 2929 & Extn. 8 and answer 2-3 questions to confirm the identity of the applicant. (From Monday – Saturday 9.00 am - 8.00 pm excluding National Holidays)

Option 2 - Text : SMS to Sify Safescrypt Self-Service number in specific format and complete the verification.

Sify Safescrypt SMS based verification number: 8456800060

Format: Safe "Request ID" "E mail ID" confirmed
Example: Safe 12345678 example@gmail.com confirmed